Digital Safety with Magenta: Password Protection

April 11, 2024

In today’s digital age, protecting your financial identity is vital. With the launch of our online broker and investor portals, we want to ensure you are following digital safety best practices around identity theft and financial fraud.

Our Broker Portal is an integral part of our delivering fast, flexible, and easy mortgage solutions for our brokers servicing the needs of alternative borrowers.

Our Investor Portal serves as a convenience feature for our investors never wavering on our commitment to personalized service.

Scroll down to learn more about how you can explore our customer portals while ensuring you are safe with your information.

Protecting Your Identity

Protecting your identity starts with securing your digital presence. Your online accounts, especially those related to financial services, are prime targets for cybercriminals. The security of these accounts heavily relies on the strength and secrecy of your passwords.

Passwords serve as keys to your digital life. They grant access to your email accounts, social media profiles, online banking services, and more. Therefore, the security of your passwords is directly tied to the security of your personal information.

The Importance of Password Protection

Password protection is a critical aspect of online security. A strong, unique password is the first line of defence against unauthorized access to your accounts. Strong passwords keep your personal information confidential, protect your identity and ensure the security of your assets. Weak passwords are easily guessable and crackable, making them a soft target for cybercriminals. They can lead to unauthorized access to your accounts, identity theft, financial loss, and even damage to your reputation.

How to Create a Strong Password

  • A strong password consists of at least 8 characters and includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols (for example, Gr@H4!7#).
  • Avoid Personal Information: Your password should not contain easily identifiable information such as your name, birthdate, or common words.
  • Changing your password every six months enhances your account’s security by making it harder for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access.

Digital Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Your financial institution will never ask you for your personal information through email or text.
  • Always contact your financial institution when in doubt or if you notice any unfamiliar activity on your account.
  • Some financial institutions use multi-factor authentication to reset passwords. Make sure you are familiar with which institutions will text you a temporary password.

Password Hygiene With Magenta

  • Magenta will not prompt a password reset on its own. You will always prompt your password reset.
  • Your password reset will come to you through the email that you used to register with the portal.
  • We will not initiate a temporary password after the account activation Welcome email.
  • Never share or give your password away.

Click here to access the Broker Portal.

Click here to access the Investor Portal.


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