• April 3, 2024

    Josh Findlay

    I like Magenta’s competitive product offerings.

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  • Joseph Arcadi

    I appreciate Magenta’s quick response time and broker compensation.

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  • Tracy Bennett

    Lender of choice for open mortgages where ratios qualify on a 50-year amortization and second mortgages allow early payout at maturity of their first.

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  • August 23, 2022

    Testimonial 8

    My quality of life would not remotely resemble what it is now, had I not invested in Magenta. I’ve realized my lifetime dream of owning a waterfront lot and a gorgeous two acre property.

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  • Testimonial 7

    As a mortgage broker bringing deals to Magenta is a breeze – they educate their partners and build relationships. They have an excellent lending philosophy that looks to add value to properties.

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  • August 22, 2022

    As a mortgage agent, Magenta is an incredible partner to work with. Their turnaround times from file submission to funding is exemplary. They compete in a unique space, for clients who don’t meet bank lending criteria, yet offer competitive rates and flexible requirements and criteria.

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