3 Tips for Planning an Exit Strategy

October 26, 2020

For your clients who need a quick-fix mortgage, putting together an exit strategy is a must!

Here are three tips for planning an exit strategy that will help you transition your borrowers:

1. Begin Right Away: Successful exit strategies depend on getting started right away. The best practice is to formulate a plan while the ink is still drying on the quick-fix mortgage. This is especially true if bruised or thin credit necessitated the short-term, higher rate mortgage, as credit takes time to build and repair.

2. Diagnose the Problem: In order to find a solution, it’s important to know where your borrowers are struggling. The culprit is usually bruised or thin credit, but in this age of entrepreneurs, proving income may also be an issue. No matter the problem, there are almost always ways to address it and fix it.

Here are some tips to help borrowers improve their credit situation:

Coaching tips for your clients

3. Follow Up: Set milestones for your borrowers and check in on them regularly to make sure things are progressing according to the plan you set up.

If everything is coming along nicely, you can begin building the file for their transitional refinance nice and early and have it ready to go when the quick-fix mortgage renews!

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