Magenta Gives Back

July 2, 2024

Ever since our inception in 1994, our founder has made giving back a priority. For the past thirty years, Magenta has contributed to the communities we operate and lend in.

Why Philanthropy?​

Progress is about more than just more- it’s about creating a more caring and just world. That’s why Magenta gives back to the communities we serve. Indeed, progress is achievable, when we not only believe progress is possible but are prepared to dedicate ourselves to the effort required to attain it.

Over three decades, Magenta has demonstrated this belief in our donations to organizations as diverse as:

We’re in the business of making tomorrow not an anxiety to escape, but as a gift to cherish and hand down. As a business, we build better tomorrows in many ways like:

  • in our capacity as a lender to grant borrowers the capital to take that next step into their future;
  • in our partnerships with brokers so we can help them achieve success by fulfilling their alternative clients’ needs;
  • as part of an investor’s plan to leave a financial legacy whether it comes in the form of shares or funds set aside for post-secondary education; and
  • as part of an Investment Advisor’s investment options, offering access to a professionally managed portfolio of short-term, residential mortgages.


Leading From the Front ​

Our CEO, Gavin Marshall, leads by example, making his company (Magenta Capital Corporation) a place where ‘Your Tomorrow Matters’ is more than a slogan. In his own words, “We all want to build a better world. To do so is how we transcend today and touch the tomorrows we shall never see.”  Our CEO is someone who would not have been able to attend post-secondary education without the grants in place at the time. Therefore, the cause of access to higher education has always been close to Gavin’s heart. Gavin is:

  • the leader of the Campaign for Momentous Change at Trent University (TU);
  • has been an avid volunteer for many years serving as the inaugural chairperson of Trent’s Philanthropic Advisory Committee; and
  • a member of the Advancement Board of Governors External Committee.

Marshall has lent his philanthropic support to several University funds and initiatives, including the Student Centre, an International Nursing Placement, and a Philanthropic Fellowship position.


Magenta’s Inaugural Purpose Day​

On June 12th and 13th, we participated in our inaugural Purpose Day- a day where Magenta facilitated our employees’ ability to volunteer in Ottawa and Toronto, the two cities our offices call home. For our first year, we stepped up in support of our local food banks: both the Ottawa Food Bank as well as Toronto’s Daily Bread. In Ottawa, we assisted with bringing in the summer harvest at the community farm, which will help stock the bank’s shelves with fresh produce, while in Toronto we sorted donations for distribution throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We look forward to using Purpose Day to explore future opportunities to engage with and uplift the communities we work in for many years to come!

Our Trajectory​

Magenta Capital Corporation will be participating in this coming GivingTuesday on December 3, 2024. We will be exploring opportunities to have our broker affiliates, investors and investment advisors join us for a cause to be determined. Canada Helps created GivingTuesday in 2012. Canada Helps is Canada’s foremost online destination for connecting charities to donors. It started as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. The idea caught on and has grown around the world, inspiring hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity, with over 50 million dollars donated last year alone.

Every generation has believed in tomorrow. They wanted to build a better tomorrow for themselves and especially for their children. That’s the Magenta story. That’s why it’s important that Magenta gives back. Our team is committed to making meaningful contributions and aspiring to do more for our customers and our communities.