Thank You for 30 Years!

April 2, 2024

Magenta is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In this post, we are saying thank you to our employees, partners and customers.

Spring has sprung on our 30th anniversary, ushering in with it not only a time of hope and new beginnings, but a return to the past. The snow is finally lifting from the forgotten labours of past summers and falls, making the old new again. There is no more fitting time to remember those who’ve helped us get this far. We can’t wait for you to see how much farther still we’ll go together.

To Our Employees ​

Since our very first employee, Margo Pratt, joined us in 2002, Magenta has empowered its team with flexible and rewarding career opportunities. Magenta is composed of curious and industrious professionals who want to make meaningful contributions. They value personal growth, professional development, and are united by a shared belief that tomorrow matters.​

Over the last few years, we sought talent from across Ontario, allowing us to draw from the unique strength that comes from a diversity of perspectives that arise from our varied personal and professional backgrounds. Margo remarked at our 25th anniversary, “It is rightly said that it does not matter where you go in your life, but what matters most are the people whom you have beside you on the way, and Gavin always expressed his gratitude and appreciation for having us by his”.

It has been no small feat to build a company that can stand the test of time, weathering 2008’s recession as surely as 2020’s pandemic. This company was built on a foundation of commitment. That commitment comes from staff members who aren’t just human resources, but owners and shareholders.

This year, we’re celebrating not only our leadership team, composed of 50% women, but the over 50% of our employees who are women by continuing to sponsor the Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women in Mortgages summit. Stay tuned to our #hertomorrowmatters hashtag for more.

In the words of our CEO and founder, Gavin Marshall, “I want all of you to find your Magenta, just as I was blessed to do, for the Magenta journey is the essential human journey – the yearning and the striving to build a better tomorrow for oneself, for one’s children and their children – to leave the world a better place than we found it.” Thank you to all those who have embarked on this Magenta journey with us.

To Our Partners

Thank you to the mortgage brokers we’ve had the pleasure of working with, both old and new. We are flattered that:

  • Tracy Bennett of Bennett Capital Mortgage Architects considers us her “lender of choice for open mortgages where ratios qualify on a 50-year amortization and second mortgages allow early payout at maturity of their first”;
  • Joseph Accardi of Ardent Mortgages “appreciates Magenta’s quick response time and broker compensation”, and
  • Josh Findlay of Findlay Group “likes [our] competitive product offerings”.

We want to commemorate the kindness of all our broker partners by paying it forward to our shared communities. We’ll do so by donating to Tree Canada and the municipal food banks of Ottawa and Toronto in their name.

Thank you to all the other partners who have travelled with us as each day dawns. To our board members: Erin Brady, Christopher Froggatt, and Dr. Elspeth Murray. To the investment advisors that trust us with their clients’ futures. We are looking forward to continuing our relationships with existing investment advisors as well as building new ones.

And to the vendors like Ethical Swag and The Printing House, thank you for helping us make our company as sustainable as possible.

To Our Customers

Thank you to our investors for sharing in our belief in a better tomorrow. Thank you for believing in our purpose of connecting people with opportunities to build a better tomorrow. From our very first shareholder, Evelyn Kihl, who trusted Magenta “to help [her] have a comfortable financial old age and [keep her] independent”, to Beth Ferrier, whose “quality of life would not remotely resemble what it is now, had [she] not invested in Magenta so many years ago”, we wouldn’t be Magenta without the faith you’ve placed in us. We are saying thank you through a random act of Magenta later this year. Stay tuned!

The Way Forward

Susan Marshall, Gavin’s wife and steadfast supporter, named this company. She encouraged Gavin to pursue his vision, reminding him of his childhood fondness for watching the sunset and wondering what that beautiful tomorrow will bring. “Magenta is the realization of the dream of a small boy growing up on Roblin Lake who became the man I fell in love with. It has enabled him to provide the very best of opportunities and experiences to the people he cares for, to share not just in wealth, but in the promise of new tomorrows.” Thank you for travelling with us.

Magenta will continue to build upon its 30 years of helping our customers achieve a life defined by possibility. Our team is committed to making meaningful contributions and aspiring to do more for our customers and our community. Together, with our partners, we look forward to embarking on another 30+ years.